DAW / Converters
(1) Pro Tools Ultimate
(1) Slate RAVEN MTi2
(1) Avid HDX Card
(1) UAD Octo Card
(2) Avid HD I/O 16×16
(2) Dutch and Dutch 8c
Preamps & EQ
(16) CAPI VP28
(3) Heritage Audio MCM-8 MK2
(2) Undertone Audio MPEQ-1
(2) Pultec EQP-500S
(1) UnFairchild 670M
(1) SSL Master Buss Compressor Clone
(2) 1176 compressor
(1) Westrek la1 (la3 clone)
(1) SPL Transient Designer 4
(1) Aphex Dominator II 720 (Ian Sefchick Mod)
Effect Units
(1) Roland RE-501 Tape Delay
(1) Eventide H3500
(1) Hawk HR-15 Spring Reverb
(1) Control Room 17’x15’x7-1/2′
(1) Tracking Room 15’x9’x9′

Inspired by the design of our Mastering Suite and built entirely by the Blasting Room staff, Studio C is a departure in style from the previous two studios. The design is purposefully limited in size, creating an intimate tracking room and cozy control room. RGB lighting is used to allow the engineer to dial in the perfect mood and vibe for the session. The control room features soffit-mounted speakers perfectly placed to give the engineer an accurate representation of the mix while, at the same time, providing room-filling sound for everyone else. This room is our new secret weapon.

Control Room

Tracking Room